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Coat of Arms of Lapierre

Coat of Arms Definition:

Of silver to the chevron of gules accompanied by three sand stones posed 2 and 1.


Lapierre's Motto:

Armed to the King


        The staff and members of the "Généalogie des Lapierre d'Amérique" would like to take this opportunity to welcome all its "cousins" in genealogy and to encourage them to undertake research of their ancestors. This can easily become a labor of love and disappointment as it consumes an inordinate amount of time, but the rewards are extraordinary. Although this website is entitled "Généalogie des Lapierre d'Amérique," it is obvious that it goes well beyond a single surname. This site does not contain all the families of Lapierre and will probably continue to be a work in progress. Although in the past, we spent most of the data input of genealogy and there is much material here that is incomplete, we believe that this site now has the ability to maintain a degree of collaboration line and we intend to adopt an interactive approach in the near future. We hope that the family (close or distant), which are already in the database will contribute to its further development.  


        Please contact us if you are a member of the family from near and far and want to be part of the list of users, so you can see more information about individuals in the database data or you can also add information that you have to share. Also, for people who are related, there is a mailing list for notices of updates to the database and other messages. Webtrees we use to provide access to the database that contains Acadian genealogical roots a bit more than 14650 individuals. Webtrees using our website you can access these data in different ways, diagrams, lists, reports and download information from the GEDCOM or other formats for inclusion in your own files Family History... 


        Thank you for taking the time to visit our website on genealogy. I hope you find it useful, you leave me your comments for additions and improvements and come back again soon.

         Normand Lapierre...






        This genealogy site contains pictures, information, data and other content. Everything contained therein is property of "Généalogie des Lapierre d'Amérique" or individuals listed and/or subject to copyright. You are allowed to use the content solely for personal or family history research and you can download only the components for this search. No use for commercial purposes is permitted. For reasons both ethical and legal issues relating to the protection of personal data, we do not disclose any information on living people if you do not have access permissions. You are invited to apply by writing an email to the website administrator.

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Définition de ¨Rechercher ses ancêtres¨
December 7, 2012 - 1:35:20 p.m.

 ¨Rechercher ses ancêtres, c'est gravir une montagne dans le brouillard en sachant qu'on n'en atteindra jamais le sommet¨

Définition du ¨Généalogiste¨
December 7, 2012 - 1:34:04 p.m.

 ¨Un généalogiste est un botaniste qui recherche les racines au sommet des arbres¨

De quelle place nous venons ?
December 7, 2012 - 1:32:35 p.m.

 "Si tu veux savoir où tu vas, cherche d'où tu viens... Soyons fiers de nos ancêtres"

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Luce BOUDREAUMay 26, 1879140Death
Geneviève THÉRIAULTMay 26, 1862157Birth
Suzanne CORMIERMay 26, 1848171Birth
Mélanie BOUDREAUMay 26, 1824195Birth
Élisabeth ARSENEAUMay 26, 1787232Death
Jean BOURQUEMay 26, 1770249Death
Marie BIDETMay 26, 1673346Birth
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